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Spiked Dahlia - Black

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DISCLAIMER: All Raspberry Mazohyst pieces are meant to be worn as shown on the mannequin - FITTED. They are not recommended to be worn loose, they are not designed for a non-fitted wear.

† Spiked DAHLIA CHOKER - Black

An iconic multi-panel design that the RM brand is specifically known for. The Dahlia series provides an edgy yet elegant solution to adding some spice into your wardrobe! This is the only place where you can find original paneled designs created under the Dahlia umbrella!

† Irregular construction
† Width varies from ~7-8cm (front) to ~5cm (sides)**
† Spikes: vary from 55mm to 30mm
† Materials: vinyl
† Buckle closure at the back

**Please note that in all Dahlia items the panels are hand patterned and hand cut, therefore actual items might slightly differ in size / shape depending on the cut.

Size 34-40cm Neck

† Please allow minor differences / irregularities from the image listed above. Every item is custom made by hand, minuscule imperfections might occur.